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Mother polar bear and cub

Polar bear mother and cub | Randy Green photo

The best place to see polar bears in the wild is in Churchill, Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of the World.

You can see polar bears from the comfort and safety of a Tundra Buggy © as it cruises the tundra around Hudson Bay.

You can visit one of several remote lodges located in Manitoba where you are likely to see polar bears as well as other wildlife.

You can take a cruise through Spitsbergen (also called Svalbard), a wild and beautiful archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic.

Some trips are designed specifically for photographers, others are for travelers who want to see Northern Lights.

People get pretty passionate about polar bears. It’s easy to do. Especially after you’ve seen one in the wild. Even before they became the icon for concern over global warming, polar bears were among the most popular of the world’s bears.

This site is dedicated to helping you understand more about polar bears and where they can be found. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to choose the polar bear tour, trip or cruise that is perfect for you. We even give you tips on everything to help outfit your expedition, eco tour or wilderness travel: outdoor clothing, camera or video equipment, techniques on how to photograph in these challenging climates and much more.

Start by checking out this stunning video from Antarctica and the Arctic.  (No, you will not see polar bears in Antarctica.  Just penguins.  Lots and lots of penguins.)

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