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Mother polar bear and cub

Polar bear mother and cub

A number of polar bear trips and cruises are offered to a wide variety of destinations throughout the Arctic, such as Churchill, Manitoba and Norway’s Spitsbergen archipelago in the Norwegian Arctic. This site is dedicated to helping you decide where and how to visit the bears’ world — whether it’s a polar bear photo tour, nature tour or cruise.

People get pretty passionate about polar bears. It’s easy to do. Especially after you’ve seen one in the wild. Even before they became the icon for concern over global warming, polar bears were among popular favorite of the world’s bears.

These bears are circumpolar — that is, they’re found all through the Arctic, from Canada and Alaska to Russia and the Norwegian Arctic. So there are a variety of ways and places to view these bears, ranging from the famous Churchill, Manitoba to Labrador and Spitsbergen cruises.

Explore this site and learn a bit more about the bears and the areas they can be found. We’ll try to provide you with enough information to decide how to choose the polar bear tour, trip or cruise that fits your needs. Even tips on everything to help outfit your expedition, eco tour or wilderness travel: outdoor clothing, camera or video equipment, techniques on how to photograph in these challenging climates and much more!


Below is a stunning high-definition video of the Plancius’ Antarctic cruises (Part I) and Arctic cruise (Part II) program. Be sure to click on the full-screen option in the lower right corner of the YouTube video, and check to make sure the resolution is at its highest (720p)!